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Hi all,

A close contact from zooppa.com has asked me for help in identifying talented bloggers in Belgium as potential candidates for covering the London Olympics as part of a contest in partnership with Samsung.
This is the gist:
Samsung is looking for an awesome blogger to send to the London 2012 Olympics, and to report on the Games in their own unique style. It's an all-expenses-paid trip and I am looking for candidates from Belgium, bloggers who are interested in Sports or Travel or maybe they are students!  In addition to the Grand Prize, the blogger can win the $5,000 top prize for Best Blogger and other cash prizes for Belgium (14 countries are in the competition).  The reports will be in English.
I need to reach out to these bloggers quickly - the contest closes on May 2.   I would be grateful for your input on, and web addresses for, some great Belgian Bloggers!
Check the contest out: 
Many thanks!

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