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"Media Clusters Brussels" is a research project interested in studying the dynamics of the media sector in Brussels, and particularly the social and geographical ties between media individuals, media companies, media communities, etc. (hence the "cluster reference").

They have launched a survey for communications professionals in Belgium, mainly working in the media sector or producing media (journalists, producers, advertisers, PR specialists, internal and external communicators, business communicators, etc.)

You can find links to the survey in french, english and dutch here: http://mediaclusters.brussels/brussels-media-survey/, and an article explaining it a bit more here: http://mediaclusters.brussels/brussels_media_survey/ and here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/brussels-media-survey-online-marlen-.... Twitter account (https://twitter.com/MediaBXL). 

To help avance the media research in Brussels, could you please take a minute to fill in the survey? Your answers would be kept confidential.

Thanks in advance for your kind collaboration.

Best regards,

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