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Storytelling: What role can stories play in the communication mix?

Stories and storytelling make communication programs come alive.
But uninspired stories, or worse uninspired storytellers, are a common pitfall.
How can we use stories in the communcation mix?
What are the secrets of a superb storyteller?
Is there a method to developing intriguing stories?

Jeffer London, Storyteller

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Hi Jeffer,
Hi Jeffer,

Prepare, experiment and exercise I would say!

Besides that, the typical Brittish X-mas pantomime plays are great inspiration and learning sources for great storytellers. So, rejoice the perfect season of getting a grip on storytelling: Christmas!

On a more academic note, yes, there are methodes to train narrative thinking patterns in communication. Concept thinking in architecture and scriptwriting for theater plays are my favorites!


Hi Jeffer,


I think this is a very open question which requires the general answer: story-telling has a crucial role in transmedia communications.


Before I bore you with a long answer I would like to recommend to you this blog: http://creativeglasses.posterous.com/. It's a really good read.


Christian Riedel, creative communications consultant with focus on transmedia story-telling gives really interesting insights and inspiring examples.






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