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I've heard this term more & more frequently recently & understand that some companies such as Cisco have incorporated into their HR Policies.

As the words we use enable us to label our experience of the world around us, I'm curious as to what you all think about this term...

Is it now just an inevitable consequence of how mobile technology is changing how we interact & engage with the world around us? What are the implications for our relationships, family life, health & well-being?

Here's an article from 2 years ago to stimulate your thinking on this topic...


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There are lots of implications, and I like the terminology "work life integration". I understand that the question at stake here is: how to integrate work in our life so that it fits nicely and smoothly with all other aspects of life. The CISCO policies seem great, however there is something in there which tells me...be careful!! :-) The fact that you have a gym there or a specific allowance does not mean necessarily that you do get to a balance between life and other things in your life...

Mobile technology does change a lot the way we interact, and it offers a lot of comfort for me. Is it only for our best? I don't know. There are times I love it, there are times I hate it :-)

Don't know if anyone has listened to this TED Talk by Nigel Marsh on how to make work-life balance work. There is a simple powerful story in the end which I really liked:http://bit.ly/hgXClg 






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