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Back in the good old days when you always knew whether you were doing above or below the line marketing, integrating the two was almost a revolutionary concept. Now the line has tended to blur and the third dimension of social media straddles both. Cue confused communicators...

Simply put, nowadays, you can't talk seriously about generating market share without having a forthright conversation about securing attention on the interwebs. SEO probably remains the key vehicle for drawing people into sites, but SMO is gaining ground. 

SEO generally translates into being smart about structuring and linking information. But SMO IMO (IMVHO - I've been locked away in institutions for 7 years and politics has blunted whatever comms edge I used to have) requires rethinking the nature of the way information is presented. I'm thinking it's not just viral videos, widgets and the like, but more of the way information is owned. If web 1.0 is going to be more web 2.0 facing, should information be presented by identifiable individuals wherever possible? 

The impact of extensive application of such a policy would be broad: at one extreme, the purveyors of stock images would lose some business and at the other HR would be challenged by the need to develop robust guidelines. Somewhere in the middle, communicators and managers would have to grapple with encouraging some individuals to participate and discouraging others (probably those jumping at the chance to own stuff...).

And how would this apply in the EU context?


PS This started as a comment in response to Christian (hope he appreciates my taking up his suggested topic), but a discussion seemed more appropriate.

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