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5 years on: 3 Questions on how online communities have evolved since this Ning launched

By my reckoning, this community is 5 years old this week. 

To be honest, I'm frankly astonished it's still alive - it seems as if aeons have passed since Philip Weiss & I suggested to Hugh Barton-Smith to open this Ning up to those who attended the kickoff workshop at the end of May, 2009 (for the record,…


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What did you read over the summer?

If you're looking for something to read, I'd recommend The Filter Bubble.

I posted a blog about it ("What “The Filter Bubble” means for the Brussels Bubble") last month. It also links to a few reviews and embeds a TED video of Eli Pariser, its author.

What did you read over the…


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Brussels Job Vacancy: Senior Online Project Manager @ GOPA-Cartermill

Hi everyone,

Just in case anyone's interested in working with me and my team of incredibly talented online developers and designers, we're looking for a Senior Online Project Manager.

If you have real experience in online communications (Web1 and Web2) and project/team management, ideally in a European environment, we offer genuinely unique opportunities for… Continue

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In the Euroblogosphere recently ...

... there've been a huge number of discussions about the shape and development of EU-oriented social media. In case you missed it all, the three essential strands are, in reverse chronological order:

The latest BloggingPortal.eu round-up presents the results of a poll on top eurobloggers and a round-up of recent discussions.

This poll was in reaction to a… Continue

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What Europe do you want? The My Europe Week Blog Carnival is coming

The editors of BloggingPortal.eu are organising a blog carnival for Europe Week (May 3-9), so get your thinking caps on, even if you don't have a blog of your own (we've provided one for guest bloggers).

After all, if you could sum up what you want for (and from) Europe in just one post, you may as well… Continue

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Is cross-posting OK, vulgar or essential? Or all three?

When this site was first launched I cross-posted here a couple of times, as did a number of us, in an effort to create a sense of content. This site's up and running now, so I for one stopped pushing posts from my main blog (new post available now! ;-D ) here, as it's often considered rather ill-mannered. Or at least it was. I'm probably out of date.

So anyway, what do the rest of… Continue

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New in Tagsmania: meeting Julien, and the importance of face2face communications

Greetings from Stockholm.

Last Friday I met Julien Frisch, which was a pleasure, and it prompted me to post something last night on the importance of face-to-face (F2F?) communications, even in the european public online space.


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New in Tasgmania: (when) does EU blogging matter? and cool visual tools

Greetings from Stockholm, which is the city you get when you combine the best bits of Sydney and Scandinavia.

Over on my blog: (when) does EU blogging matter? reflects some of the discussions started back at this group's launch event in May, while Visualising complexity may interest those wishing… Continue

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New in Tasgmania: Poisoning the well for EU social media

My new blog post - Poisoning the well for EU social media - is aimed more at EU institutions and (particularly) their subcontractors, but I welcome comments from everyone.

PS Why do I get people SMSing and emailing me comments, but not posting them? Can anyone explain that?

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Is the EP doing too much Web2.0?

Work commitments have prevented me from spending much time here, but an interesting post by Julien Frisch about a very thoughtful post on writing for (y)EU dragged a post out of me a day or two back on… Continue

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4 posts, 17 comments and too many tweets later ...

... I get around to mentioning here that I've posted a couple of slidecasts recently: one on supporting Communities of Practice using 'Event in a Box', and another farewelling thematic portals on EUROPA.

They're long, but these are not simple subjects. I got more… Continue

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Pondering the European online community(ies)

A recent post by Julien Frisch - Creating a European Public Sphere: A European blog discourse? - stimulated ideas from a number of people in what could loosely be called the Euroblogger movement.

Julien reported a friend's idea that "a group of European bloggers from different European countries should pick a current EU-topic and report about the coverage and opinions in their… Continue

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eGovernment2.o in US: overestimated?

Couldn't help but post one more time, given that I'm on holiday but not yet on the plane.

An interesting article in RWW about the Obama White House's experiments with the Open Gov't Initiative makes sobering reading for those of us who's like to have that much leadership in Brussels. More here.

Have a good July,


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A cluetrain manifesto for Europe?

Just realised the Cluetrain recently ahd it's 10th birthday, so managed one last post before heading off to Oz.

Hope everyone else has a nice July. Catch you all later,


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Sea, Sun and SMS - INFSO pilots the use of Facebook Fan pages

For those interested in the Commission's use of Facebook, see the full post.

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Vacancy: EU Online Community Manager ;-)

As some of you know I've been developing some thoughts on how the EU could use social media and online communities of practice since around 2002. I thought I'd post a quasi-joke job description to illustrate some of these ideas.

It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, slowly moving from HR-consultant-speak to the faintly absurd, and I'd love your thoughts and comments, either on the post or… Continue

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Two interesting articles ...

... from the ever-worthwhile-checking-out ReadWriteWeb, two articles - one probably interesting specifically to this group, and one more reflecting on the impact that 'trolls' can have on social media:

M.insight: A Mobile App for PR Folks, Marketers (and You Too!)

The PR Firm MWW Group has just launched a new, cross-platform mobile application designed to bring the best RSS… Continue

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Facebook pages vs groups

In my presentation, when dealing (very briefly) with the use of platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, I mentioned that you should "create groups on them".

That was a rather careless use of language, because the word 'groups' means different things on different platforms.

I was reminded of this when reading 4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Choose… Continue

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I'm just loading up 2 slidecasts from the 28 May presentation into the 'videos' section of this site.

I decided to not do one single slidecast because it would simply be too long, so I split my presentation into two parts: one dealing with social media in EU affairs, and the Community of Practice opportunity; the other dealing with the Blogactiv case study.


Added by Mathew Lowry on June 1, 2009 at 20:20 — 1 Comment

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