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IABC Belgium is now on Seesmic Desktop!

We’re happy to announce a new way for you to stay on top of activity on IABC Belgium. Seesmic Desktop 2 has just been released. If you’re not familiar with Seesmic, it lets you access all of your social networking services in one place. What’s great about it (in addition to the fact that it’s free) is that it lets you monitor activity and post updates on multiple social networks at the same time, including this Ning site.

• It’s cross-platform: Works on both PCs and Macs.

• Tracks the latest activity: Check out the latest photos, blog posts, members, and comments, alongside what’s happening on other popular services.

• Post once, deliver to many: Monitor activity on IABC Belgium, along with Twitter, Facebook, and others. Post status updates to all of them at once with one click.

It’s easy to set up. Just install Seesmic Desktop 2 and add the Ning plug-in. When prompted, enter your IABC Belgium sign-in information. You’re ready to post.

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Comment by Benedictus NIEUWENHUIS on September 20, 2010 at 22:10
Easy to set up?? No!!! In fact the site works only with Microsoft Silver Light installed to get the software. Strange! #fail

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